Certificates of Shares of the limited company

Certificate of Shares   According to the provisions of the Companies Act,1956, a certificate ,under the common seal of the company,specifying any shares hold by any member,shall be evidence of the title of the member to such shares.A certificate may be renewed or a duplicate of a certificate may be issued if such certificate is provided to have been lost or destroyed ,or have been defaced or mutilated or torn is surrounded to the company.If a Company with intent to defraud…

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What is Memorandum of Association and its Clauses?

Hereby, we are going to discuss what is memorandum of association, purpose and its clauses in detail. Look at this to know some useful information about the company before you set up a business. Memorandum of association: It is the constitution of the company and provides the foundation on which the structure has been built. It is the principal document of the company and it cannot be registered without the memorandum of association. It defines the scope of the company’s…

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