Definition and Types of Manager- Business Registration in Bangalore

Meaning of the term ‘Manager’ Section 2(53) of the 2013 Act was explained the roles and responsibilities of the manager and it is reproduce section 2(24)of the(old)Companies Act, 1956.Three conditions are to be satisfied before a person may become a ‘manager‘ under section 2(24) of the 1956 Act. They are, he must be an individual as opposed to a firm or a body corporate or an association, he must have the management of the whole or substantially the whole of…

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Voting Rights of Shareholders – Business Registration

Voting Rights of Preference Shareholders Voting rights of preference shareholders have been summed up as follows: Preference shares may be cumulative or non-cumulative. The holders of preference shares have voting right on any resolution of the Company which is directly affecting their rights, for winding up of the company, for payment or reduction of share capital(whether equity or preference) Preference shareholders have a voting right on all resolutions of the company at any meeting if their dividends are in arrears…

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