Sweat Equity Shares – Company Registration in Bangalore

Sweat Equity Shares Under section 79 A of the 1956 Act equity shares can be issued to employees or directors of a company at a discount or for consideration other than cash, in recognition of their contribution for providing know-how or making available intellectual property rights or value additions to the benefit of the company. The contribution made by the employees/directors generate increased profits to the company for a number of years and sweat equity provides a new form of…

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Registration of prospectus – Company Registration in Bangalore

Registration of Prospectus Section 60 of the 1956 Act, which deals with registration of prospectus also corresponds to section 26 of the 2013 Act. The need for company registration is explained by the company law committee: ” This section deals with the registration of prospectus and follow section 41 of the English Act in important respects. We have also made certain additions by providing that where a prospectus names any person as auditor, attorney, solicitor, banker or broker of the…

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Summary of Underwriting – Company Registration in Bangalore

Scope of section 76 of the Companies Act, 1956 Section 76 of the 1956 Act deals with an important subject of payment of commission to subscribers and others who procure capital for the company. It is usual in the case of public companies, when shares are offered to the public for subscription, to make certain of obtaining the necessary capital by having the issue underwriting. Without an authority like the one provided by section 76 of the 1956 Act, it…

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