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Agreement for Formation of a New Company to Exploit an Invention or Creation

Agreement for sale of invention The agreement for sale of patents as mentioned in this agreement should be properly drafted in consultation with the patents agents so that the said agreement may contain a complete specification of the invention which will be filed with the office of the Registrar of patents. Consideration for sale The amount invested in the sale of invention can be partly paid in cash and partly by allotment of shares or fully by cash or fully…

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Effective ways for the entrepreneurs to protect their vision

Affordable and effective ways for the entrepreneurs to protect their vision: Many entrepreneurs might have faced many issues related to the business ideas. If you are very sure about the million dollar idea but you don’t have enough cash to get your idea off the ground. Make sure let that idea alone can be protected. In a capitalist society, pursuing our dreams usually needs more money to be highly successful or otherwise your ideas might get stolen because of having…

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Key ideas for a new business – New Business Registration

Some of the specific business ideas will be discussed here. This will be quite useful for the entrepreneurs who are very eager to know the essential things to startup a new business. To become a successful entrepreneur is the ultimate goal for some people but they are getting stuck early because of the fearful and the doubtful thoughts about their success. The real fact is to have a good idea, creativity and the right amount of capital. But most of…

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