Private Limited Company Registration in Madurai

A private limited company in Chennai is administered under the Service of corporate issues (MCA). Enlisting a company is simple through, as it is done totally on the web. To enrol a company in Chennai at least two individuals are needed to go about as directors and shareholders. To enrol a Private limited company in Chennai the Director’s PAN card, address proof, and the bank explanation are needed with the location proof of the enlisted office.

Segment 2 (68) of the Companies Act, 2013 characterizes a private company as:

A company having a base settled up share capital as might be endorsed, and which by its articles,

Limits the option to move its offers;

Besides if there should be an occurrence of One Individual Company, restricts the number of its individuals to 200;

Forbids any solicitation to the public to buy in to any protections of the company.

It is strongly recommendable to get a private limited company registration as this kind of company offers limited risk to the shareholders with specific limitations that are set on the proprietorship.

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore is the most well-known kind of business element in Chennai. More than 20 lakh companies have been enrolled in Chennai as of October 2020 and 12 lakh companies are delegated dynamic. All companies enrolled in Chennai are represented by the MCA (Service of Corporate Undertakings) under the Companies Act, 2013.

Prerequisites to enlist a Private Limited Company

No of Shareholders-   2 people

No of Directors-   2 people (Can be 3)

Approved Capital-       Rs. 1 lakh least

Settled up capital-       Rs. 10,000

NOTE: This is only an essential necessity the no of directors can be increased to 15 and the number of shareholders can be increased to 200.

Documents needed for Private Limited Company Registration

Personality proof the 2 Directors and present the documents that are referenced underneath:

PAN Card: PAN Card copy of the proposed Directors of the Company will be needed for Company Registration.

Address Proof: The location proof submitted should have the name of the Director as referenced in the PAN Card and the most current location of the Director.

Private Proof: The private proof should likewise contain the name of the Director as referenced in the PAN Card and should not be more seasoned than two months.

Enlisted Office Proof: as well as providing character, address, and private location for the Directors, proof should be given to approve the enrolled office address of the Company.

The enlisted document of the title of the premises of the enrolled office in the name of the company;

The authenticated copy of rent/lease understanding in the name of the company alongside a copy of lease paid receipt not more seasoned than one month;

Notwithstanding the abovementioned, the accompanying must likewise be given as proof of enlisted office:

The approval from the Landowner (Name referenced in the Power Bill or Gas Bill or Water Bill or Local charge Receipt or Deal Deed) to utilize the premises by the company as its enlisted office. Also this is normally alluded to as NOC from Property manager;

Proof of proof of any utility assistance like phone, gas, power, and so forth portraying the location of the premises in the name of the proprietor or document, which isn’t more established than two months.

How might help you in enrolling a Private Limited company in Chennai?

We can help you in incorporating a Private Limited Company in Chennai in under 10 days however this is dependent upon government processing the accessibility of the documents.

Stage 1: When a solicitation is gotten a business consultant from spans to you and understands your business prerequisites. Also, recommends the best appropriate element for you.

Stage 2: A relationship chief is allocated to the commitment. Who will gather every one of the important documents

Stage 3: An application is submitted for acquiring the Digital Signature Certificate. Simultaneously a name demand is sent for approval to the MCA.

Stage 4: When the name demand is endorsed the incorporation documents are drafted. These incorporation documents should be endorsed by every one of the Directors and the shareholders.

Stage 5: Whenever they are marked they are shipped off the MCA for approval.

Stage 6: When the company is incorporated an Incorporation certificate is given along the PAN and TAN for the Directors.

Components of a Private Limited Company


To enlist a Private Limited Company in Coimbatore at least 2 individuals are required and a limit of 200 individuals are needed according to the arrangements of the Companies Act, 2013.

Limited risk to the partners

The risk of every individual from the shareholders is limited. In the event that assuming the company is facing any misfortune under any circumstances, the shareholder is responsible to sell Company’s resources. His own resources are not in danger here.

Ceaseless progression

The Private limited company that is once enrolled continues to exist according to the law even on account of death, liquidation, or bankruptcy of any of the individuals. In the existence of the company continues to exist for eternity.

Record of the individuals

A private limited company has an advantage over the public company as they don’t have to keep up with the record of the individuals though the Public limited companies are needed to keep up with the file of the individuals.

Number of Directors

A private limited company in Madurai is needed to have just two directors. With the presence of 2 directors, a private limited company can start with its activities.

Reminder of Affiliation

The Update of Affiliation addresses the contract of the company. And the MOA is the authoritative document that is ready during the formation and the registration process of the company. The MOA indicates the connection between the shareholders and it determines the destinations for which the company is formed.

Articles of Affiliation

The AOA lays the standards and the guidelines that are set for the inward administration of the Company. The obligations, rights, and powers of the administration of the company are determined in the AOA. An article of affiliation is an auxiliary of the Update of affiliation.