Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

Incompatibility characteristics of OPC and LLP registration:

Incompatibility is the major quality in every form of company registration. OPC (One Person Company) and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) are the two major contrast forms of business registration process following in India. These two registration processes are the newest and latest form of business registrations frequently getting its fame in India. Both these two business structures are breaking the path of conventional type of business structures. Sole proprietorship is the primary way of business promotion all these types are step by step varying from the recent years. Two dominative features of company registrations are OPC and LLP. Basic ideas and norms are here. Obviously, major characteristics which are similar and contrast all are needed to know before the company incorporation process.

Incompatibility of members:

One Person Company as the name insists the whole business is run by a single trader. OPC registration is one of the famous types of business forms. In India, OPC registration encourages to motivate the middle level of business. There is certain limitations are following in this OPC initiation. Only one OPC is allowed for an Indian. It is a good option for the people to start the business without the option of partners.  The establishment one person company comes with only one person as a shareholder. The business admin can occupy both the profession as shareholder and the director. Apart from the shareholder fifteen directors can play their pivotal roles. It is one of the new trends set method in the history of company registration in India.

Members in LLP:

Limited liability partnership registration is an evergreen business form aptly useful one for the partnership companies. As per the obligatory rule of partnership only two members is enough to start the company. There is no maximum limit is prescribed for the limited liability partnership structure. Registrar of companies has no more potential rights in the LLP. Just a name approval only permitted from the ROC. Subsequently other meticulous proceedings are ends with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The maintenance of clear cut account is common one. LLP need not cross its limit more than 40 lakhs. Operation of business with the government prescribed limitation is the real challenge in the company registration than the going with the proprietorship in India.

Partnership difference in LLP over OPC:

One Person Company registration never requires the partnership requirement. At the same time the business development when crosses its basic level and it needs to convert into the types of private limited company or any other suitable form of business structures. Partnership in the llp registration is totally contrast one. General partners in the LLP is considering as the stable partners. They can make the business decisions as per the business agreement or contract. “Limited partner” is the separate category comes under this LLP company registration. Partners are not prevails in OPC. Directors, the important persons in the One Person Company registration but they are not have any influential part in the roles by means of company registration.

Incompatibility characteristics of OPC and LLP registration in India

Incompatibility mode of limited partners in LLP:

In the Limited liability Partnership form of company limited partners play only the minor roles. LLP registration comes with these options like general partners and limited partners. In direct terms they are the silent partners, it sounds to be better. Decision making power is not allotted for the limited partner is the factual truth comes in the registration process. Private equity share companies are more prefer this mode of business structure. To increase the business volume as well as balance the right as the general partners they will easily picking the option of limited liability partnership. These ideas are keenly mending through the company secretary or other official in the company incorporation process.

Incompatibility norms of OPC registration:

OPC registration is one of the refreshing business structures. It is full and fully using for the commercial purpose. Charitable purpose and section 8 company relating business objectives are not undertaking in this registration process. OPC is full and fully helpful one for the improvisation of individual to the whole Indian nation’s economy. OPC not prefers with the options of foreign company. Private limited company registration comes with the option of foreign company. Branch office and main office in foreign national and Indian registered office is allowed one. These special provisions are not merging with the One Person Company registration. Nominee appointment can be a predictable hazard in the OPC. Nominee functioning instead of business admin must be stable person.

Nominee in Limited liability Partnership:

LLP registration not comes with that so complexity. Nominee is not a barrier as comparing to the opc registration formalities. LLP is a reputable form of business structure not so much restriction the conversion process is coming with the LLP. Every business forms are surely comes with any kind of restriction. To bear and formulates the business in the way of the real challenge. The appropriate conversion changes are really helpful one. Company formation is a huge responsibility. It is the pleasant initiation of your business venture. Don’t confuse with too many options. Choose your best partner for share your complex responsibilities.


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