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Doing business in India is easy, according to a new report from the World Bank. The series of reforms made it easier for companies to obtain building permits, trade across borders, and pay taxes. India has jumped 23 places compared to last year and is now ranked 77th out of 190 countries on the list. It’s one of the top 10 best economies, which is really exciting. For any entrepreneur, starting a business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of passion, determination, and most importantly, company registration. Whether you are starting a business in manufacturing, retailing or providing services, registering a small business is the first step before starting.

Private limited company registration

company registration
company registration

The choice of business organization is a very important decision that can have long-term implications on the success of the business. Private Limited Company is one of the most popular legal entities preferred by the business community in India. Start-ups, growing companies and medium-sized businesses prefer a private limited company in bangalore because it allows for the convenience of fundraising, limits the responsibilities of its shareholders, and allows employees to provide stock options to attract top talent. A Private Limited Company may be created in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and its provisions.

In India, a private limited company in chennai can be registered with at least 2 shareholders (also known as subscribers). However, the maximum number of shareholders cannot exceed 200. The Companies Act, after being amended in 2013, now has no minimum capital limit. A minimum of 2 directors is required. The maximum number of directors is 15. Both directors and subscribers do not have to be the same person.



Compared to a sole proprietorship or partnership, Pvt Ltd has a good rapport with the system because of their accountability to the ministry. It helps promoters raise funds from banks and other financial institutions.

Good reliability among customers

Because of their accountability to the executives, a private limited company is more trusted among their customers and therefore contributes to creating a larger customer base;

Limited liability of promoters

The responsibility of the promoters is limited to the amount of capital they provide. It gives a greater sense of independence to run the business.

Permanent legacy

The life of the company is indefinite and is not affected by the life and death of its promoters.

LLP Registration

A minimum number of partners to join LLP 2. There is no upper limit for a maximum number of partners for LLP registration in Bangalore. Among the partners, there must be at least two designated partners, they must be individuals and at least one of them must reside in India. They are directly liable in accordance with all the provisions of the LLP Act 2008 and the terms specified in the LLP Agreement.

  • It has a separate legal entity similar to the companies
  • The responsibility of each partner is limited to the cooperation provided by the partner
  • The cost of setting up an LLP is low
  • Less compliance and terms
  • Minimum capital contribution is not required for LLP registration in Coimbatore.


The One Person Company (OPC) has recently been launched as a good refinement of sole proprietorship. In OPC, a promoter gains full authority over the organization, thereby limiting his / her responsibility to the organization for their contributions. Therefore, the said person will be the sole shareholder and director (however, the director nominee will attend, but will have zero power until proven that the real director is incapable of entering into the contract). Also, employees will not have the opportunity to contribute to stock options or equity funding. In addition, if an OPC company registration in madurai has an average hat-trick turnover of Rs. 2 crores and above or Rs. 50 lakhs and above, it should be converted into a Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company within six months.

Benefits of OPC

Limited liability

LLP Registration in Coimbatore

The personal property of the directors is always safe in a private limited company regardless of the debts of the business.

Continuous existence

The sole owners end with the death of the owner. Since the OPC registration in madurai has special legal recognition, it goes to the nominee director‌ and therefore exists.

Greater reliability

As OPC registration in tirupur needs to audit its books annually, it has more credibility among sellers and lending institutions.

Partnership firm

One Person Company Registration in  Coimbatore

The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 regulates partnership. The registration of the partner company is optional and at the discretion of the partners. Registration of a partner company can be done at any time – any time before starting the business or during the continuation of the partnership.

It is always advisable to register a company as registered companies are gaining exclusive rights that are not available to unregistered companies. It can take 12 to 14 working days for a partner to register in India. However, the time taken to issue a merger certificate may vary according to the relevant state regulations. The registration of the partner company is subject to changing government processing time for each state.

Features of partnership firm

The partnership firm in tirupur has the following features. It is not a separate legal entity. But by law, an organization must be formed by legal agreement between all partners. So an agreement must be reached to set up a partnership.

Its business activities must be legal and the purpose must be one of profit. So two people forming an alliance to carry out voluntary and / or social work would not have this kind of organization. Similarly, a partnership agreement to carry out illegal activities such as smuggling is also invalid.

Two or more persons: In order to express partnership, at least two (2) persons must have a common goal. In other words, the minimum number of partners in an organization can be two (2). However, there is a limit on their maximum number of people.

Profit-Sharing: Another important aspect of a partnership firm is that the agreement between the partners should share the pros and cons of the trade concern. However, the definition in partnership law clarifies – a partnership between people who have agreed to share the profits of the business, sharing the loss is implicit. Therefore, it is very necessary to share the pros and cons.

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