OPC importance and common benefits in business formation

OPC importance and common benefits:

OPC importance is getting a special look from the progression of OPC registration commencing as per the Companies act, 2013. The sudden change and importance of the OPC dragging back other types of registration process. Legal system of the business proceeding not to be partial it is common for all the single owner company. To promote the individual business and single person entity option is the primary choice. There is no too much requirement is applicable in this company registration process.

Memorandum subscription, Registration in the individual name, holding the individual business name in the depository records are the essential requirement completes in the simple process. Apart from the registration process, single owner company registration specially needed this nominee. To compensate and manage the incapacity of the single owner, it is the best option. The general background of the One Person Company registration is more than better one than other business options.

OPC importance and common benefits in business formation

OPC importance with general limitations:

There too much liberation and the strict limitation are applicable as per the One Peron Company Incorporation. Barriers are important to limit the overgrowth and limitless freedom of the business registration. NBFC form of business proceedings are the barrier to promoting the single owner business formation. Non-banking institutions are separate business form it is not including in the OPC incorporation. There is no minimum capital requirement is set in this single owner business form. A single business owner could enjoy the ownership status for only one firm.

Paid up of capital amount not exceed more than 5o lakhs is the mandatory prohibition in the OPC formation. Annual turnover not exceed 2 crores is the primary condition. This count of the turnover should not succeed in an immediate financial year. 3 financial are needed to be taken for this procedure. One Person Company formation is specially sanctioning for the Indian resident. Business association with second person and co-operation of companies will not allow for the OPC process. Primarily, single owners are the essential part for the OPC but not any other form of unity or other collaboration.

General causes for choosing One Person Company:

Business is the integral part to establish both the individual and his skill. All are not equal. Somebody possessed with the money and somebody business idea. Providing the equal opportunity in the moderate level is the Indian legal concept behind the origin of the One Person Company Formation. To encourage the simplify business form with less procedural way it is the primary choice. The combination of the sole proprietorship and the company structure are following in the form of OPC. The help of co-partners are not compulsive one.

More than they are not taking the active part in the business proceedings. Undertaking of a business without the help of the partners does not require any annual general meeting.  To give the additional support the appointment of the directors are the accepting option fixed in this OPC or single owner Company. The company registration is not a big issue in this One Person Company. There is no puzzle in the appointment of the director for the new OPC. The business admin himself to be act as the initial director in the OPC.

Board meeting procedure in the OPC:

One Person Company Incorporation is appointing with the additional directors, there in need to conduct the board meeting. It is a common fact that the director of the company conducting the Board meetings. Minimum 2 board meetings must for the active participation of the OPC form business. There is no immediate conduction of meeting is not legally applicable one. The mandatory gap of ninety days is the noticing factor. There are some special exemptions are allocating in the One Person Company.

Member Resolution

Voting procedure

Restriction of voting rights

Chairman meeting appointment

Quorum meeting setup

Call up on the meetings is the essential things need to be exempted in the One Person Company. Public limited company, Private Limited Company and LLP’s are generally bounding on this processes. Company incorporation is generally fulfilling all these criteria. Personal financial assets, credit rating all are not impacting on the company either directly or indirectly.

OPC importance in the conversion:

Conversion is showing the both sides. The company can be getting growth or it can be limiting its feather of colours. Company and its form of conversion is the good option. One Person Company registration is very flexible with the conversion process. Private limited companies to Public limited company are the open choice of option. Trading and other business calamities are considering OPC in the status of a private company. The holding of lucid records is helpful one for the conversion period. Auditor’s checking and signatory process is not violating factors. There is certain formation process is following in the conversion step.

OPC importance and common benefits in business formation

Crossing the prescribed limit of the turnover in the One Person Company

No objection certification on this conversion

A special resolution is passing at least 30 days before the company registration process.

The taxation slab of the OPC could enjoy the 10-30% of cut off in the overall amount.

These are the common characteristic qualities assigning for this company formation process.

OPC importance and notable condition:

For the One Person Company formation is obligatorily recommending the suffix of OPC Pvt Ltd at the end of the company’s name. Transfer of shares is common one like other form of business or company undertaking. Alteration of memorandum is the possible way for the complex free proceedings. The international level reach of business is possible with the finest opportunities on One Person Company. Entire effective possibilities of company formation practicing via this single person company registration. Limited liability and other special characteristic of OPC are as same to the limited companies. The primary obstacle is it only for the welfare of Indian and improves the Indian Economy.

OPC importance and common benefits in business formation

Every edge of OPC is offering the valuable business promotion for the Individual’s potentiality. Certainly, the overlook of the company registration process getting the other layer of outlook. Business is not a dream work it is possible for every class of people is the initiation of OPC in India.


One person Company incorporation is an easy form that resolves the common difficulties. It will put full stop for the new entrepreneurs who are in the idea of commence the Proprietorship business. A mediocre level of company suitable and they can easily pick the registration with the simple features of OPC. This rule is common one for all states and regions including in the border of India.    

Single entrepreneur styles are regulating in the level of corporate is the new avatar in the company incorporation process. There is no complex steps are applicable in this form company initiation. The small companies also not spend too much cost that extreme for their actual business level.


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