Prevalent firm registration process following in India

Prevalent firm registration:

 Prevalent firm registration process in India is following the Companies Act, 1956. According to this Companies act, there is lot of classification is following in this Company registration. The regulatory process of the business formation offers many streams of company types. Business operation is a complex process is a complex process and the regulatory forms are not stable one. Corporate form of organization following the shapes of One Person Company, Limited liability Partnership, Public limited Company, and Private limited company registration are the regular and prevalent mode of company registration procedures following in India. Legal requirements are varies from company to company.

Prevalent structure of Indian firms:

Company registration is most suitable one for the business admin. As per the financial condition, legal liabilities and noticeable freedoms are enjoyable only with the limited level. All company structures are not following the same root. Some features are advantage to the one company but is adversity to the other company. Choosing the best and opt one is still confusing one. Other than that, as per the development of business formation the rapid change of the companies is inevitable one. Private limited company registration is common one. It is totally varied from the other streams of company registration. More than 70 percentages of firm registrations in India are following this PVT option.

Prevalent advantages of Private limited firms:

Company incorporation process is the major activity deciding the major mode of business activity that will process for the long term. Long term of business proceedings are strongly stands with this type of company registration. PVT LTD company registration is the well-known type of the business structure. Many of the companies voluntarily choose this luxury type of business structure. This private limited company registration is not only seems to be the prevalent type but also the formal way of business proceedings are starts with this company form. Conversion is the mandatory process following in the company formation. OPC registration to Private limited company registration offer many changes.

Major changes from OPC to PVT LTD:

One Person is an initial level of company registration comparing with the private company. OPC is a form of private limited company solely handles under a single shareholder. He can appoint the subordinate directors but they are not plays any active role than this single shareholder. The limit of the turnover and membership is completely less than the private limited company registration. Enlargement of the company is certainly a drawback for the OPC at that time the company need to windup the features of the one person company and choose the private limited company registration or the LLP option. Both these types of registrations are requiring the one member addition from the previous structure.

Share playing their crucial role:

Share allocating is the fundamental duty of a company formation process. As per the members’ investment share dividing are crucial one. Mutual business formation requires the perfect sharing of both losses and profit when the business meets its requirement. Company limited by share is one of the common options for the shareholders. Their investment is playing the prominent place in the process of company registration. Company limited by guarantee is the secondary option of choice coming in the private limited company registration. At the time of wind up the shareholders will need to pay sum of amount contribute as the name of business asset. Unlimited company is the other category the personal assets are involving is the major risk factor.

Prevalent firm registration process following in India

Partnership firm vary from private limited:

Obviously, it is the common factor that the Partnership company registration is often confusing with the pvt ltd company registration. Partnership agreement is the common factor decides the roles and responsibilities of the members who are identifying as the partners in the company. Generally, each and every activity of the partners is taking their responsibility. Limited liability is the latest option coming as the safeguard for the companies. It is the independent option coming in all OPC private limited company registration and public limited companies. Now it is not applicable one for the sole proprietorship companies in India. LLP registration is solely carries the option in full flexibility.

Prevalent changes in Sec 8 Company and Private limited company:

SEC 8 company registration is a separate category and more over the commercial business are not taking in the place of sec 8 company registration. This kind of registration is most suitable one for the organization structure. Profit expectation is utterly not applicable one in this type of company registration. Non- profit organisations are functioning under a perfect objective type. As per the objective norms promotional way of charity, education, sports, commerce, literature, science, research and religion are coming as the form for the business activity. Rights and limitations are as similar to the limited companies. Private limited company registration specially meant for the profit earning purpose.


Now a day private limited company registration is dominantly replacing through the new option of limited liability partnership registration. Legal proceedings are less one in this form of company registration. Private limited company proceedings are obviously long one. Board meeting conducting to share allotment all are require the perfect legal proceedings. Just the registrar of companies only enables the approval of the private limited company registration. Limited liability partnership is not coming as this category. Central government has the special influence in this LLP registration process. LLP need to submit their official record of account statement for the verification process when it required.

Special features of the private limited company:

Private limited company registration is offering the limited liability, perpetual succession and legal identity to the firm. It is totally separate company from the clutches of the partners and directors. Private limited company mostly includes with all the characteristics of the corporate form. Legal proceedings are long one. But the start-up company which choosing this option of registration is enables its formal way of proceedings it easily cope with other types of conversion. Public limited company registration is simply vary by its shares directly issuing to the general public and the private limited company is not having such option.


Business registration is the legal proceeding showing under a stable form of company registration. It can be anything private limited company registration, trust, and society. The functionalities and their roles are totally different one. Amendment of acts are using for the flexible functionalities of the business form. Apart from this SSI registrations, Trademark registration, Memorandum of article and article of association preparing are coming as the primary thing. Annual compliance and the secretarial services are inevitable one. New business registration is not a confusing thing with the strong support of experts.


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