Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai

A private restricted organization is an enterprise that is secretly held for independent ventures. The legitimate commitment of the individuals from a Private Limited Company in India is restricted towards the quantity of offers separately which are held by every one of the accomplices. The portions of Private Limited Company will not be publically exchanged. Private Limited Company in India can be of three classes: Company restricted by shares; Company restricted by ensure and Unlimited Company.

A Private Limited Company needs a couple of more ROC consistence converting into an extra expense of 5000 to 10000 for every annum. The base capital required is Rs.100, 000 and a private restricted organization could have a limit of 200 individuals.


  1.       Electricity/Water charge (Business Place)
  2.       Passport size photograph of chiefs
  3.       Copy of Aadhaar Card/Voter Id card of chiefs
  4.       Private limited company registration in Chennai needs Copy of Rent understanding (for leased property)
  5.       Copy of Property papers (for possessed property)
  6.       Landlord NOC

Requirements of Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai

1. Application of DSC and DPIN:

Every single of the accomplices should apply for Digital mark and DPIN. Digital mark is an online mark which is using for documenting and DPIN allude towards Directors PIN number gave through MCA for a Private Limited

2. Name endorsement:

The accomplices in a Private limited company registration in Chennai are need to outfit 3 distinct choices for the partnership name towards The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of which one will be chosen. The names gave ought to preferably be novel just as reminiscent of organization business.

3. MOA and AOA accommodation:

At the point when the name of the Private Limited Company is affirmed, a candidate is needed to draft Memorandum of relationship just as Articles of Associate which is needed for the Private limited company registration in Chennai.

4. Get consolidation testament:

It by and large requires 15-25 days to shape a Private restricted organization to get the fuse declaration. Fuse affirmation is an affirmation that the partnership has framed. It additionally involves the CIN number.

5. Apply for PAN, TAN and Bank account:

A candidate is then need to apply for PAN and TAN. PAN and TAN are for the most part gotten in 7 working days. After this, the candidate could present the Incorporation testament, MOA, AOA just as PAN with a bank to open the financial balance.


Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai
  • Private limited company registration in Chennai is a finished digital mark and hence necessity of Digital Signature Certificate is a compulsory models. Chiefs just as supporters of the notice of the organization need to apply for a DSC from the confirmed offices. Getting a DSC is a finished online cycle and it very well may be done inside 24 hours. This cycle includes 3 straightforward confirmations that are report check, video check and telephone check.
  • Name application for Private limited company registration in Coimbatore should be possible through SPICe RUN structure which is a piece of SPICe+ structure. While making name utilization of the organization modern movement code just as article condition of the organization must be characterized.
  • Post name endorsement, subtleties regarding enrollment of the organization must be drafted in the SPICe+ structure. It is a rearranged Proforma for consolidating an organization electronically.
  • SPICe e-MoA and e-AoA are the connected structures which must be drafted at the hour of use for Private limited company registration in Chennai.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) is characterize under segment 2(56) of the Companies Act 2013. It is the establishment on which the organization construction. It characterizes the constitution, powers and objects of the organization.
  • The Articles of Association (AOA) is characterize under area 2(5) of the Companies Act. It subtleties every one of the standards and guidelines identifying with the administration of the organization.
  • Post approval of the previously mentioned reports from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; PAN, TAN and Certificate of Incorporation will be given from the concerned division. Presently, the organization is need to open a current financial balance by utilizing these reports. You can reach us for help with your present financial balance opening.


Limited Liability

The principle benefit of a privately owned business restricted by shares is the restricted responsibility of its investors. During the new downturn, numerous organizations experienced monetary constraints which influenced their exhibition and dissolvability. One benefit of private limited company organizations during the time frame is that the monetary risk of the investors of such organizations was restricted to the quantity of offers they hold in the organization. Accordingly, if a private restricted organization is in monetary difficulty and need to wrap up, investors would not danger losing their own resources.

Limited trade shares

This is a benefit to certain investors since investors who need to sell their offers can’t offer them to outside purchasers. Investors should likewise consent to the deal or move of offers. The danger of unfriendly takeovers is low.

Perpetual succession

Another benefit of a private Limited Company restricted organization is it’s proceed with presence, even after the proprietors kick the bucket or leave the organization. A private restricted organization varies from a sole ownership in that the last is claim by a solitary person who is by and by answerable for the business obligations and vital for it’s proceeded with presence.

Transfer of shares

The portions of an organization are view as versatile property and are openly adaptable. An investor can move offers to any individual simply by executing an offer exchange structure and giving over the offer endorsement of the Company. Nonetheless, such exchange of offer should endorsed by the governing body of the Company.

Company can own property on its own

Like a characteristic individual, a private restricted organization can buy, sell, own, have, appreciate, and move property rights to anybody. In addition, no close to home or separate case can made upon the property of the Company by its investor as the Company stay in presence.