Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

Private limited company registration in Coimbatore is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu in terms of area and population after Chennai and the 16th largest urban organization in India. It is a major centre of manufacturing, education and healthcare in Tamil Nadu and also one of the fastest growing cities in India. Moreover, Coimbatore is ranked 15th in the list of most competitive Indian cities. Whether it is a business start-up or a company start-up is the decision of an entrepreneur and requires depth of strategic, business and legal matters. So, starting your business or a company here will undoubtedly be a great success and benefit.

Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

If you are thinking of setting up a business in India, Coimbatore is a place you should consider with utmost importance. Once you come up with a business idea and decide to start a business, you have to follow some procedures to register a company in India.

Requirement for private limited company registration

A minimum of 2 directors is required for a maximum of 15 directors and one should be a resident of India.

At least 2 shareholders a maximum of 200 shareholders are required

Any amount of capital but the government. Fee to be paid for at least 1 lakh shares (authorized capital fee)

An Indian address is required for the registered office

Companies cannot accept deposits from the public or even give shares to the public.

Address and identity proof mandatory for directors. PAN card is also mandatory for all Indian citizens.

Steps for private limited company registration in Coimbatore

Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

Step 1: Receive digital signature (DSC)

The registration process of a private limited company registration in Bangalore is completely online and therefore it needs a digital signature to include a private limited company. Subscribers and directors must have a valid DSC (Class II or III). You can get DSC from us in just one day. It is already include in our package. This step can skip if the director already has a DSC.

Step 2: Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)

Anyone who wants to become a director in a company has to apply for DIN if they do not already have one. A DIN can used to become a director in a number of companies. It can obtain by filing DIR-3 or directly by Spicy at the time of insertion.

Step 3: Apply for name approval

The name can submit for approval through the accreditation form or at the time of affiliation with SPIC (INC-32). If the name is not valid at the first opportunity you can file for re-submission or re-file the spicy form. This whole process takes 2-3 days. Please note that DSC and DIN will not require to fill the name approval form for name reservation. Only MCA account is mandatory.

Step 4: Form Spacey (INC-32)

Complete the application in INC-32 after being digitally certified by a chartered account or company secretary or an advocate in practice.

Step 5: E-MoA (INC-33) and E-AOA (INC-34)

SPICE these forms has to fill on a physical basis before the introduction of SPICE, but now they have to be filled by SPCC. (INC-C૨) with MCA. Will be able to file filed online on the portal. These forms must digitally sign by the MOA and AOA subscribers. If all the details are fill in properly and all the required documents are attach, the Registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation and the company will be allotted a CIN (Corporate Identity Number).

Documents required for company registration in Coimbatore

Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore
  • Every director issued by the Income Tax Department as proof of identity should have a PAN card (if digital signature certificate is to be taken in the name of the above director).
  • An identity proof of his name.
  • Proof of an address in his name.
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Scanned copies of evidence and photos

Importance of private limited company registration in Coimbatore

If you want to grow your business you can consider whether it is the right time to register a company. Establishing a company can be a relatively simple and stress free experience and can offer the following benefits: –

You can limit your personal liability by registering a company. You are legally responsible for all aspects of your business, including any debts or losses. If you sell or injure a defective product during your business, you will be personally liable. This can lead to the loss of your personal property. A company is a separate legal entity and an easy way to protect your personal property from your business actions.

You can reduce your tax liability if you have a higher tax rate. Registering your Private limited company registration in coimbatore can significantly reduce your tax burden. Companies and small businesses are also entitle to no. Tax deduction.


Significant capital increase for your business. As a company your ability to attract investors and raise money in your business can be very simple. Registering your private limited company registration in Coimbatore gives you the ability to grow and borrow. More important is to sell shares and raise capital. If you have another business structure you will have to pay tax at your personal tax income rate. It may be necessary to raise money for the growth and expansion of your business and it is more appropriate for investors to invest in a registered company rather than a sole trader or partnership. We make it easy for you to set up a company with 100% registration online registration process. We have a range of additional services to help you save your new company and grow your brand name.