Affordable and effective ways for the entrepreneurs to protect their vision:


Many entrepreneurs might have faced many issues related to the business ideas. If you are very sure about the million dollar idea but you don’t have enough cash to get your idea off the ground. Make sure let that idea alone can be protected. In a capitalist society, pursuing our dreams usually needs more money to be highly successful or otherwise your ideas might get stolen because of having more resources or money. By wonder many entrepreneurs got succeeded sometimes.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to protect the entrepreneurial ventures, ideas and products. You need to protect your idea if it is worth stealing or borrowing. Here I have listed out some of the best strategies to safeguard your vision, in various price points and the levels of difficulty.

Be careful while sharing your business ideas:


In this digital, all are tempting to share their ideas with the world. But what I could suggest is avoid telling all your business ideas. Yes, we need to work on building a support network, and the marketing strategies but we shouldn’t share any ideas with the potential competitors. Our business secrets only can be disclosed with a very few trusted business friends.

Patenting your ideas:


It is one of the easiest, straightforward and a cost-effective ways to protecting ourselves. Patent is the one which is a government issued right for us to exclusively use, make or sell an invention for a set of time period.

  • What is patent search?

It is a process of digging through all the prior patents in order to make sure that there was no similar inventions been filed. This term has been referred as a “prior art search”.

  • What is the need to do the “Prior Art Search”?

To receive a patent, it should be a new one and a non-obvious one. You can’t get the one which has already been patented or made public. While you do the search in the government records makes you determine whether it’s a new one or not.

  • Determine the kind of patent you need to file:

The very first thing is to determine the type of patent you need to file. There are three types of patent. They are utility patent, design patent and the plant patent.


1.Utility patent:

Any patent with a practical application for example, a new method of generating the electricity, flying car or a metal alloy

2.Design Patent:

It’s all about the products with ornamental purposes like the shape of the beverage containers, cookie cutters, etc.

3.Plant patent:

It’s for a new plant species which can reproduce asexually. For example, an unique hybrids like smooth angel rose.



In your entrepreneurial ventures, if it’s a kind of filmed, published, performable work or a potentially published work it should have a copyright. This is similar to the patents but it’s specifically for publishable works. This would give you a right to print, record, publish or film your unique idea.

Always stay with a proof:

Even your goal is to avoid lawsuits, if it comes down to litigation, make sure to have valid evidence in order to back up your claims. For instance, someone steals your idea but you have a YouTube video with which it naturally has a date stamp that shows up the invention owned or created by you.

Obtain the legal protection:

Consult with the business attorneys not all the people can have hefty fees some of them are budget friendly and even they can offer financing. The attorneys who specializes working with the start-ups and the entrepreneurs can help you better and can provides you a strong legal support.

Start your business:


There are many types of business which requires only minimum resources and doesn’t require a lot of paper works or costs. So you can opt a business type which suits you in all aspects. However if you choose a sole proprietorship, it doesn’t require any heavy paper works or costs. When you make your entrepreneurial venture official gives you more protection. You can change your business types later if necessary. You need to choose a business structure before you register your businesses with the respective states.

There are different types of business structure. They are as follows:

  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Partnership.
  • Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Private Limited Company.
  • Public Limited Company.
  • One Person Company.
  • Section 8/Section 25 company.

Become an expert:

In today’s world, having a great product or service is not sufficed to reach a targeted position. We need to brand everything including ourselves. If you are seen as a reliable expert in your niche or industry, it would be more difficult to steal from you without getting caught. This clearly indicates that publishing regularly or writing as a guest blogger about the specific subjects you are passionate on.

Here I have mentioned some steps for sourcing a great content from the guest blogger for your business site.

  • Promote your guests: – You can promote your guest by promoting in your own social media networks by thanking them as your guest blogger who put in the time to write the content for you to exchange the publicity.
  • Widen your circle: Your first plan is to invite people within your industry, you can potentially introduce your readers to new concepts by widening your circle.
  • Consider a swap: Being a respectful entrepreneurs in your field, you can come up with multiple connections in your industry. It’s a nicest way to contact your colleagues to offer a trade or writing the guest post for each other’s blogs. This may increase your audience.
  • Be creative: Guest blogs no need to fit within the set boundaries. A colleague may do a video blog or put together in an info graphic that you can use in your site.

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